Hello, I'm Freelance Graphic Designer and I Love my Job

Here, I would like to present my work and propose my services to you. More than 10 years of experience and continuous improvements will grant you valued, nice and reader friendly product. I focus on every aspect of my work to keep actual standards and to ensure slight progress through all process steps - from designing up to printing production or online publishing. Now, I would like to let my work samples speak for me.

I really love working on projects which make people lives better, provide helpful assistance or point public attention to problems they face every day – that is the reason, why most of my work is for humanitarian/non-profit organisations. I would like to keep this path, because their missions are close to me.

Enjoy my site and I'm looking forward to hear from you.
Tomas Bakos

Scope of Work

I'm designer of all kinds of printed products together with products for online use. Brochures, leaflets, posters, roll-ups, document templates, logos, video presentations, webpages... You name it! And if you can find something on what I did not work yet, I will learn how to do it very quickly – like I did many times before :)

Brochures designs

Design Process

Based on your request and project specification, I will provide you with my initial time/cost estimation to give you rough idea of the time requirements and project costs. Then, you can send all input materials: final texts and images. I will start work on design and will send you design draft(s). Based on your comments I will change/redesign. When design is approved, I will layout all texts/materials and will send you version for your check/corrections – this repeats until everything is OK. Then, I will prepare final files, in all requested forms (print, electronic use, etc.) and transfer them to you. We are done!


Software & Hardware - Latest Standards

I'm working with latest professional hardware and software. Top quality equipment allows me – together with my skills and know-how – to achieve high productivity, which is very important for project costs and meeting deadlines. Thanks to the latest software versions I can also provide you with all new features available and related to requested products.


Pricing - It Can not be More Transparent

My pricing is always (except printing) based on final time spend on project. Every minute of my work is recorded with specialised software, so you can see exact time-sheet of each project. In fact, if you look closely, you can identify even my coffee breaks :)

When project is done, I will export time-sheet from my "stopwatch" software and, based on it, prepare invoice. This time-sheet is always integral part of my invoice!