Gallery – Samples of my Work

There are so many exciting projects I have worked on. I do not want to overload this gallery, so I will show you just few of them :)

Some of Brochures below (marked with small green arrow in bottom side) are also available online – you can see inside pages layout as well.

Brochures & Books

Beyond Proof, Credibility Assessment in EU Asylum Systems Mapping Statelessness in Belgium Mapping Statelessness in The United Kingdom Mapping Statelessness in the Netherlands A Framework for the Protection of Children Education Strategy Education Strategy - Summary Displaced Youth Refugee Education - Global Review Prevent. Combat. Protect Human Trafficking Projected Global Resettlement Needs Improving Access to Education Mental Health and Psychosocial Support DAFI Advocacy 2011 Trees in the Wind Smuggling and Trafficking Untold Stories... Being a Refugee Round Table Seminar Series

If Products Belong to Specific Project, then Everybody Must See it

Very often requested product is related to a specific project. I ensure that everybody knows that on first sight.
I can design and keep same visual/visibility style for all requested publications and visibility items.


GPC Goes Online e-learning GPC Goes Online (v2) Return is my Choice Global Learning Centre Statelessness e-learning CoC Pastierska Nalada Global Field Consultations Best Interest Determination

All World Languages – No Problem

Some languages are written from right to left (Arabic, etc.). Special software is required. I have this software, which allows me to layout from right to left, and I have experiences with almost 20 languages. I can design product in any language that have available text fonts.


Cut out for Work Transtav Rotrans Kids Need Schools in Dadaab Kids Need Schools in Dadaab 2 Frontex manual Lonely cat Games Safe not Slave Safe not Slave 2


If you need logo or label I will gladly design it for you. Based on your full information and deep analysis I will propose several drafts, communicate and adjust, until your full satisfaction. Through design process I keep in mind also all technical aspects related to further logo use. It also means, for example that it must look good also in one color version (see below and move your mouse over logo to see full color version), because some printing techniques are limited.



Do you need something special? I love Challenges!

If you need something special please ask me - I will say yes :)

Tents on Tram